Day to Day Cooking: Fear is not an ingredient

I have no idea why I am am writing a blog post. I work in the healthcare industry, I’m really busy.

But now that we’re in quarantine, washing our hands, wearing masks, living in isolation and you know what? it doesn’t feel too odd to me. What is good is that I’ve been reaching out to people more. I want to share with people going through the same thing as me.

So I cleaned the kitchen yesterday: floors, walls, appliances and work surfaces, I went down to the freezer in the basement and rummaged around in there. I found a gold mine of food I forgot about.

Saturday we had our son over for pizza and I made a Kate McDermott Art-of-the-Pie all-butter pie crust and a raspbery-rhubarb pie (from a pre-frozen filing). I sent a picture to my friend of the pie, with lattice top- Saturday at the R’s. Everyday since then, I’ve sent her an email: Sunday at the R’s, Monday at the R’s and hopefully to continue.

Saturday – Pie and Puzzle

Monday-Risotto and Chops

The Mushroom Risotto is from Alton Brown’s Good Eats Volume 2 cookbook. The risotto was from the pantry; the mushrooms were not wild just white and portobello, no asparagus but frozen peas. The pork chops were thin cut and sprinkled with Woodford Reserve Bourbon spice, andĀ oven-baked at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes.

I like reading recipes but when you can’t run off to the grocery store whenever you want, it makes more sense to look inward rather than out.

Let’s all start sharing what we’re eating out there from the cupboard, from the freezer, from the heart. We’re all in this together.